Mystic HD - Spray Tan Booth - UV-Free Tanning

Our Mystic HD spray tan is fully customizable and adjusts to your natural skin tone.

The Mystic uses a clear solution that darkens your skin based on your natural undertones. The Mystic booth allows for many customization options such as different shades of instant bronzers and a variety of scents that you can add to the clear solution base. With its focus on skin care, Mystic tan is the perfect solution for achieving that natural healthy glow!

Choose from 3 shades (all with a clear base):

  • ✾ Luminous Light
  • ✾ Magical Medium
  • ✾ Dazzling Dark

Add in a complementary scent!

  • ✾ Warm Vanilla
  • ✾ Coconut-Lime
  • ✾ Fresh Scent
  • ✾ Plus seasonal scents!
  • ✾ We also offer complementary bronzers!

Looking for a flawless tan in half the time? Add in an accelerator for only $10 to help ph balance your skin as well as cutting the processing time in half!

mystic tan lotions

Ask our staff about home care products to keep your spray tan fresh and long lasting.