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Welcome to Bronze Ambition!

We are a locally run Guelph business and our goal is to make you feel welcome and at home in our salon all while guiding you to the most optimal tanning results possible. Let us help you create the perfect customized tanning plan for your skin to help you achieve your best glow yet!

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The best known benefit of moderate sun exposure is vitamin D synthesis, which occurs in the skin in response to the sun’s UVB rays. Vitamin D is a critical nutrient. It’s essential to promote absorption of calcium, the mineral that helps keep bones strong. Moderate sun exposure benefits your health, including stronger bones, better sleep, improved mood, boosted immune system, and overall longevity. The research is ongoing, but so far studies suggest that UV exposure might lower blood pressure (which helps to protect against heart attack and stroke), curb appetite, and reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and possibly certain auto­immune diseases.

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Client Reviews

Where to start?! I really enjoy tanning, especially during the colder months to give myself a little mental boost! Every time I go to bronze ambition it is a pleasant experience. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Always a welcoming and relaxing experience. This salon is a must try!

- Danielle Hernandez

I had never been tanning before coming here, so the staff went over everything really well with me. I was extremely impressed with the service and cleanliness, I felt extremely comfortable. I have since gone back once, and had a much similar experience to my first. Top notch! I was worried about the privacy of tanning, but now that I know it will definitely be something I do now and then when I'm feeling down! TLDR: great service, privacy and cleanliness. Would recommend!

- J J

The staff are so friendly and will answer any questions you have! Went for a spray tan and it came out looking amazing!! The prices are great and the salon is very clean !!

- Kim Piazza