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A Healthy Bronze Tan

A Healthy Bronze Tan

Controlling the Sun is exactly what we do. There is not a more healthy or perfect tan available. Bronze Ambition in Guelph offers world-class, luxury tanning infused with sophisticated equipment. We offer only state-of-the art lie downs, stand-ups and the only specialty leg tanner in town.

Your tanning success begins with unrivalled, German engineered tanning performance technology, designed with your comfort in mind. Our equipment has been specifically designed and tested to deliver high bronzing and low reddening rays, essential for creating and maintaining your perfect, healthy tan, no matter what your skin type is.

Visit Guelph's premier tanning salon to experience the perfect combination of function, form, innovation and performance. Visit us to experience the perfect way to a healthy tan!

You can also tan without UV rays. See our offering of sunless tanning here by Mystic Tan®

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