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Site Accessibility Statement

This site is designed for newer browsers, but will display the vital information in older ones so that you will always be able to find the information you need and our phone number. It just may not look as pretty as we'd hoped.

All placement and visual elements are controlled by a central Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Additionally, our pages also utilize a print style sheet so that the information contained on all our sites transfers to your desktop printer in a friendly manner and with only the information you actually need.


All links have title attributes which describe the link to those using assistive or alternate technologies. This description helps keep the link in context if it occurs out of order on the page.

We have also deployed tab indexes for mouseless navigation so that links follow in proper sequence using your tab key.

Top-level menu items also have accesskey elements defined that function as keyboard shortcuts. How these are activated or whether they are supported is a function of your browser software. (FireFox utlizes ALT and the letter) Where accesskeys are used, the title text reveals the sequence to use.


Images that occur within text or that substantially support the text include and ALTernate text desciption. Those images that are deemed decorative only are called by the screen style sheet only or contain null value attributes.

Where images or graphs are used, "longtext" descriptions are used either inline or from the longtext page. These images are marked with the descriptive "D" link.

Cognitive Support

This site is written as simply as possible for the material presented to equalize access for individuals with learning disabilities.

We have included phonetic support and acronym tags where short-froms are encountered for the first time in a document.


This site is created with standards-compliant XHTML 1.0 and XML. The minimum fall-back level for documents on this site is XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

This site meets or exceeds the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Level AA (Double-A) as well as US Section 508 as defined by the Disabilities Act. Our sites are tested with both US and Canadian accessibility validators.

This site was constructed by Falcon Innovation Group, a Guelph Marketing and Website Design Firm.